To save you some reading time, we invite you to visit our Portfolio & Commercial page and watch a commercial featuring an interview with Kelly during a wedding we planned and designed in Newport, RI for a wonderful couple from Washington, DC.

ANGELIC AFFAIRS is a full-service Wedding & Event Planning, Floral, and Stationery Design company.  It was officially born in 2011 and has quickly made its presence known in the

event planning and design industry.  After years of experience planning weddings and various types of events in New England, Owner and world-renowned

Event Planner & Designer - Kelly Teves - began her entrepreneurial journey by moving to Beverly Hills, CA and becoming professionally trained by the ACPWC in Southern California.

After years of planning traditional weddings in New England, ANGELIC AFFAIRS was primarily created to target offbeat wedding couples who would appreciate Kelly s creativity.  Our first LA wedding was an offbeat wedding -- "Crazy Party Hat Wedding" -- which was published in Offbeat Bride.  From there, several couples from New England seeking an open-minded wedding planner who could create their visions reached out to ANGELIC AFFAIRS.  It was the validation she needed to realize she was on the right path, and has since booked all types of Clients from traditional to offbeat, DIY, and everywhere in between. 


In 2013, due to the increase in business in New England, Kelly returned to New England while still flying out to California for Clients booking ANGELIC AFFAIRS there.  In 2017, she branched out and created a sister company -- DESTINATION AZORES -- which would be dedicated to Destination Wedding & Event Planning  |  Floral & Stationery Design for Clients desiring events in the Azores and mainland Portugal.  Together with her amazing assistant in Los Angeles, CA (Ivan), her team in Sao Miguel, Azores (Mario, Nicole, and Zelia), as well as her team of assistants in New England (Alison and Natividade), planning and designing events in the places she loves is easy!  Kelly handles all of the planning and designing, and is always your go-to contact.  Her team assist her behind the scenes and on event days to ensure a smooth, stress-free flow for our Clients and their guests. 


ANGELIC AFFAIRS -- a company firmly built upon a foundation of years of traditional weddings, has finally found it's home in the world where creativity could be embraced and celebrated, and where our Clients could be themselves at their hosted events.  In planning that first offbeat wedding on a foundation built upon years of planning traditional weddings and events, ANGELIC AFFAIRS has proudly founded itself on the following:  

Getting to know our Clients

Planning and Designing around our Clients

Creatively working with various types of Budgets

Bringing YOUR vision to life

Maneuverability from traditional events to quirky, innovative, same sex, DIY events, and anywhere in between


At ANGELIC AFFAIRS it's all about YOU!  Whether you're hiring us for Planning, Day-Of Coordination, or Floral Design -- you are our focus!  Through getting to know our Clients,

we're able to create designs and as well as a flow that's tailored to their comfort level in an elegant way.  Nothing is too out there or too traditional for us.

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Kelly Teves

OWNER    |    PLANNER    |    MODEL    |    DESIGNER    |    FLORIST

No matter the age, sometimes all it takes is one passionate experience to trigger a spark that changes your life forever.  For Kelly it was at age 14 when she volunteered to decorate her cousin's wedding shower.  The excitement of decorating coupled with the pressure of a 6-hour deadline as well as her perfectionism and love of dressing up was all she needed to spark her desire to chase the rush and fun she felt that day.  It's clear Event Planning & Design came naturally to her.


At 16 she bashfully joined the prom committee due to her introverted Self.  Then at 17, while working at an office in a small town in Massachusetts, she planned her first event -- an open-house filled with local celebrities, pony rides, raffles, vintage cars, and more!  It was the first time she had 100% control of planning and design.  So when the opportunity and challenge of planning her first wedding at 22 came along, she was ready, and it was a success!  But it was when people approached her to plan and design their events that the path unfolded and the manifestation of her future business began.

All she needed to succeed was the courage, dedication, patience, and strength required to turn it into a career.  And after years of hard work, gaining experience, and fine-tuning Kelly officially started her first business -- ANGELIC AFFAIRS: Wedding & Event Planning  |  Floral Design -- in Beverly Hills, CA in 2011.  On the side, she Modeled which added to her sense of style and design.  Upon her first wedding's publication, she was quickly noticed by Clients desiring Custom-Designed Events, and has since been featured in publications worldwide.  In addition, she found herself being hired by Clients from afar (including from other countries and states) and began planning Destination Weddings & Events in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Texas, and the Azores.

Today, Kelly lives in both the US as well as in the Azores.  Her friendly and experienced team of assistants in New England, California, and the Azores in addition to the wonderful World Wide Web allow her to book events in these areas.  Her team also helps her on event days; as well as with decor, logistics, and meetings while she is abroad.  

Despite booking events in places so spread out, 
Kelly maintains a boutique company approach with ANGELIC AFFAIRS by ONLY booking events every other weekend.  Quality over Quantity is her motto in order to continue the high-level of service she's known for to her Clients.  As a result, she possesses and maintains excellent relationships with vendors and venues as well as with past Clients who often become lifelong friends.

Meet Kelly

and her sweet Pomeranian, Blackie!



Monday - Friday:

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

EST (Eastern Standard Time)


By appointment only due to events


By appointment only due to events



Newport, RI  |  USA

(most of the year)

Beverly Hills, CA  | USA

(at least once a year)



Ponta Delgada, Azores  |  PORTUGAL

(several tmes a year)


M.  310.431.9211